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Azoic Ginger Tea 200gm

Azoic Ginger Tea 200gm

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Enjoy the convenience and delicious flavour of Azoic Ginger Tea with this 200gm pack of instant tea premix. Made with high-quality powdered black tea and ginger, this instant tea powder is perfect for those who love the taste of ginger in their tea. Simply add hot water and stir for a quick and flavourful cup of tea anytime, anywhere.

Product Features:

- Instant tea premix for quick and easy preparation.

- Made with powdered black tea and ginger for a delicious flavour.

- Versatile mix can be customized with milk, sugar, or spices for a personalized tea experience.

- Great for making iced tea or hot tea depending on your preference.

- Perfect for tea lovers looking for a convenient and tasty tea option.

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